PC or MAC Repair

Whether it's a laptop or a desktop, if your computer fan does not seem to move air as well as it used to, you can use compressed air to try and clean the fan. In some cases, you may need professional help and we'll be here to help you every step of the way with all your computer cleaning needs!
Unless you have an identical keyboard, most keyboard keys won't fit on other keyboards as they will have small variations between designs and manufacturers. We'd be happy to help you find a good keyboard to fit working or gaming needs.
Changing an older hard drive for an SSD drive can give a tremendous boost to your computer speed. We'll help you get the right amount of space and speed for a very affordable price. Unfortunately, SSDs are more expensive than the older hard drives but this is the price to pay for performance.
Although some older Apple model laptops are easier to repair, Apple has closed down most of the internal systems of their products which not only renders their products impossible to upgrade, it also makes repairs very difficult and extremely expensive. In our personal opinion, in some cases, you'd be better off buying a new laptop (we don't recommend Apple laptops because of the aforementioned reasons), than trying to get it repaired. Data recovery on these devices is also very expensive.
If the cable itself is damaged, the damaged cable can be cut and reconnected while keeping every individual cable separate. If the actual charger is broken, then in most cases the best thing would be to order a new one. We'll be happy to verify and either repair it or order a new one for you.

Tablet or iPad Repair

Whether you have a broken glass or a broken LCD we can help. Just bring it to us or contact us to find out your options. We are professionals and have carried out many tablet and phone repairs and we'll get your device back to working order quickly. By using the highest quality replacement parts, we make sure that your device will work like new.
Does your device have charging problems or your tablet won’t turn on? Depending on the issue, we can either replace the part or offer you several solutions depending on your budget
In some phone/tablet models, it is possible to buy different color cases and replace them. In some cases this process will be very easy and you can do it yourself at home. However, there are some cases (notably iPhones) that need to be handled carefully as several components need to be moved from the old case to the new one.

Mobile Phone Repair

If the phone's screen is broken we should be able to recover the data by connecting it to a computer and then accessing it via the file browser or iTunes. However, this method won't work if your phone has a password lock and cannot be unlocked due to the broken screen. We can definitely help in cases where your screen is broken, your battery's dead or your phone's connection port is destroyed.
If your phone's screen is broken, in some cases you can still unlock the phone by either connecting it via a usb to hdmi or lightning port to hdmi adapter to a tv/monitor and then estimating the location of the numbers in order to type the password. However, if you plan on using your phone, you will need to change the screen in any case and that's where our team of professionals can help, contact us today to get a quote.